🤱 Do you know that milk bottles, teats and pacifiers will cause health issues if not cleanly sterilized ? Bacteria, fungus and virus on them will cause vomiting, diarrhoea and other problems related to the baby's intestinal tract.
🍼 Mom is so busy and how many time should she sterilize milk bottles and teats every day? Yet to mention boiling plastic may cause bottle deforms and colour changes.
🍼 Mom feels headache because sometimes she has to sterilize milk bottle and teats effectively in very short time. Baby is crying for food!
➡ There are no long such problems because mommy now has JOONA FRESH:
➖ Joona Fresh can effectively clean milk bottle, teats and pacifiers in 30 seconds;
➖ No need to rinse with water and 100% safe for babies;
➖ There is travel-sized spray bottles available- convenient and suitable for both mothers and children hanging out.