HOCL - The main ingredient in Joona Fresh's disinfection

It's no longer new with Joona Fresh's disinfectant products, but until now mothers are still not clear how efficient HOCl kills bacteria? So today Joona Fresh replied to mom.
  • HOCl - Hypochlorous Acid is a chemically structured Chlo-free molecule called HOCl (otherwise known as hydro hypochloric, chlorine hydroxit), is 70-80 times more capable of killing bacteria than NaOCL Natri hypochlorite and killing bacteria higher than alcohol 70 degrees.
  • HOCl is a substance inherent in the human body with healing effect and protecting the body against the invasion of bacteria. HOCl is now widely used in healthcare, food safety, water treatment and environmental sanitation.
Why is HOCl safe? World Organized and many advanced countries testing
  • Disinfection, fungus;
  • Cleaning cooking tools and milk bottles, baby toys;
  • Deodorant cleaning;
  • Cleaning teeth, brushing throat, deodorant;
  • Take care of distributing diapers, clothes for babies;
  • Cleaning acne, fungus, especially sterilizing wounds;
  • Soaking disinfectant for fish meat, vegetables and fruits;
  • Cleaning tables, floors, toilets;
  • Cleaning handrails and door handles, washing disinfecting towels;
  • Cleaning kitchen tools such as dishes, pots, pans, chops;
  • Use for mist sprayers, moisturizing, disinfecting rooms;
  • Spray disinfectant, odor in the car.
*Special: HOCl has evaporative properties, which is why it needs to be stored carefully. Joona Fresh disinfectant spray is designed to fight vaping, guaranteeing 100% disinfection, tested by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) and the Korea KTR Institute of Science.
Here is the information about HOCl in Joona Fresh, disinfectant spray. Message Joona Fresh for inquiries and orders!